Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy

Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy
dropping petals... one by one.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Life List

My family and I just got back from a school spaghetti dinner night. It was one of those warm and fuzzy evenings where all seems right with the world. Of course, that only lasts for a fleeting moment, but I had always dreamed of being in this place in my life. Two beautful daughters, an involved husband, faithful dog and me - super mom, involved with school, a business, neat home and woman with flair.

Now, you and I both know that this isn't very realistic. I have always lived in a bit of a fantasy world, however, just for a few minutes tonight I felt as though I had accomplished something off of my life list. Everyone should have a life list. You know what it is. A list of all the things you want to accomplish or do before your life ends.

Some items on my life list include, but are not limited to:
  • travel to Manchu Pichu
  • selling things that I make to complete strangers and have the love them!
  • live overseas again/ or have a posh apartment to visit regularily
  • revisit my old home in Tokyo with my girls and show them around
  • make enough money to truly suprise my husband with a trip
  • learn to juggle
  • teach a class, but I don't know what
  • keep in shape and have killer arms (girls know what I mean)
  • travel around the Greek isles on a sail boat
  • have a great, healthy family that loves each other and stays tight
  • master chess
  • relearn one of my languages (French, Japanese or Italian) to a passable level
  • take an art class
  • master the stock market
  • understand the stock market
I know some are really vain, some are manageable, and some... well I haven't even dreamed them up yet. But I guess that's what life lists are about.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Too Little Time - So Much To Do!

Hard to believe Halloween is over! This month has been chuck full of birthdays, out of town guests and a trip to Chicago (let's not forget the Day of Candy). So much to do, so little time. I really need to buckle down to get ready for the holidays and boutiques coming up.

I finally had a moment to try a couple new things that I've been meaning to do... Firstly Brown is becoming a dominant color in my tutus. At first I thought they'd be too sophisticated for little ones, but the demand is obviously there. My pink and brown combinations are as hot as the little ladybug designs. I think it's because the grandmas and moms who are buying these as gifts, love chocolate as much as I do!

Today, I submitted a few more tutus to Etsy with the Brown in mind. This time, I paired Chocolate with pale tourquoise to get a really fun and fabulous look. Check it out! Doesn't it make you hungry - I'll be sneaking into my daughters' candy soon.

Next, a friend of mine came over with a very simple design for fleece scarves - I got so excited and carried away with the number of variations I could do, I went out and bought about 10 yards of colorful fleece. Here are my first variations of adult scarves.

The best part about them is they can be color coordinated to suit school colors! They would be great for sports teams and cheerleaders - Should be lots of fun. Now I just need to figure out how to photograph them to make them really stand out!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Underwater Princess Tutu Costume/ Contest

I am so excited! I've been getting ready to enter the Etsy Halloween costume contest and I finished the costume today. I'm not sure how I came to my final design but my girls definitely had major input. Anna's titled it "Under Water Princess". I pulled out all of my tulle colors in blues and greeens that don't sell well on their own and found this wonderfully rustic green cotton for the waist. There are over eight layers of tulle that have been individually cut with shears so they look like flowing seaweed swirling in water. I also hand sewed on these beautiful strings of greenish beads to drape down like coral/ seaweed too. I really think it pulled well together. I capped the tutu off with a starfish wand and a beaded green 'seaweed' crown.

I hope I get some nice feedback from the contest. It is the first time I've used this style of waistband and was really pleased on how good it looks and fits.

These days I've been sewing like a nut trying to get all of my Halloween tutus finished so I can begin to focus on the Holiday Boutiques that start next week. I feel like I've been spending more on materials than I've been making lately, but hopefully the payback will be worth it. (I could NOT get my hair done, but this girl has limits!) The good news is that my Etsy sales seem to be solid and steady. Thank you!

Until next time!...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Monkey Cupcakes Swinging in the Trees

One of the coolest things about being a mom is being able to come up with creative ways to celebrate various events throughout the year. It probably drives my girls nuts, but I can't stand buying store bought items for birthdays and Halloween. If they can dream up an idea, I do my darnedest to put it together on my own. I have always felt I am cheating when I cut corners. That's probably why I am nuts half the time.

But I digress... I really thought these monkey cupcakes came out so well I had to post them. I had originally gotten them off of another blog and have unfortunately not been able to find her address for credit. But the ears and mouth are various Nilla Wafers and colored gels dot the eyes and draw the mouth. So easy but clever!

Then we had to come up with goody bags. I can't stand those things. They are always filled with unnecessary junky toys (probably from a country overseas with a reputation for tainted toys). However, being that this is my daughters birthday, we compromised. We made these cute little bags with left over paper we had around our craft room. The monkeys are just circle shapes cut and glued together. We really had fun putting these together. We filled them with little bags of snacking crackers and cookies, gum and her favorite candy. At least they'll be eaten.
To cap it off, tomorrow we are going to the skating rink for a party with her class. I hope my knees hold up. The party's "piece de resistance" will consist of a beautiful monkey cake (pictures to come... It still needs to be frosted tonight).