Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy

Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To China... Or Not To China

I was on my way home today, after a morning of dropping off various invoices and picking up the dry cleaning, and made my last stop at B J Beck's Toy Store in Cedarburg. It was busy! Shoppers, lots of delivery boxes.....and..... a reporter and camera man from Channel 6 news. They were there to interview Jane Beck regarding toy shopping patterns and habits and what has changed since the "China scare".

Well doesn't fate have a way of playing its hand. Two minutes later, I am being interviewed as both a toy shopper as well as a small goods manufacturer. We'll see if it makes it on the news tonight, but it really brings up a good point. Where are our children's things being made? What quality standards are they following? I want to know that my girls' toys are safe and sturdy and reliable.... Just like my clients want to know my products are clean, safe and reliable.

A few weeks ago, I had a interested client contact me, asking where my fabric was manufactured. (I am assuming they wanted to make sure it was safely manufactured stateside).

I did a little research with my supplier and sure enough, my tulle is 100% Made in the U.S.A.. Additionally my supplier writes,

"It is 100% Nylon, which the federal government recognizes as being inherently flame retardant. Caution your customers to ONLY purchase Nylon tulle! Polyester tulle is sometimes treated to make it flame retardant, BUT the chemical used may be a carcinogen, and potentially more harmful than the flame itself.

Our factory has been manufacturing tulle since 1926. We are the largest TULLE maker in the USA. That is why we can STOCK 65 colors of tulle and 42 colors of iridescent tulle: we have the distribution that can absorb the yardage needed to sustain such a huge inventory."

I really do feel much better about supplying a product that is made under strict guidelines and monitored closely and so glad I double checked; especially because I make these things for little children.

Any thoughts? The temporary and easy solution... buy handmade.

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