Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy

Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year's Un-resolutions

Like many this year, I have opted to make un-resolutions for myself and my business this year. This benefits me two-fold when a goal is acheived.... (I only focus on what's reached, as opposed to what's not reached) 1) I am really pleasantly suprised when I reach a goal 2) I don't set my self up for dissapointments, only success.

Here is a list of my un-resolutions for 2008

  • Sell more products than last year. In essence, make more money.

  • Re-vamp my studio space and make it more homey and inviting.

  • Say no to more volunteer requests and mean it.

  • As this is my pre-40th year, focus on better fitness/ eating habits.

  • Come up with more varied products reaching a larger variety of ages.

  • Work on my patience with regards to my parenting skills.

  • Write more (on my blog, journaling, snail mail letters, emails, correspondence.

  • Read more (fiction, non-fiction, newspapers)

I know that some are more doable than others, but that is what the hope of a new year always gives me. A clean slate. A new beginning. A starting point. A date in which I can begin...

So.... in honor of this list, I dismantled my studio and 'rebuilt' it over the last four days. It is still in its decorating phase, but the layout and set up should work much better for my needs. I wish I had taken before pictures because you can't imagine where this room started.

It all started with a magazine... Better Homes and Gardens "100 ideas makeover style" - Great ideas and great eye candy to inspire.

I re-painted the walls, added a comfy rug, rearranged the cabinets, sewing table and cutting table. Hung pictures, sewed skirting, added my favorite hanging lamp, covered a pillow and sorted through all of my material and embellishments. I still have some more details to finish... but to me.... it is now my little corner of the world.

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