Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy

Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy
dropping petals... one by one.

Friday, October 17, 2008

the adventure begins

I am actually writing this on the 23rd of October. I hadn't anticipated how hard it would be to find Internet access, let alone spare time to sit and write. So, I've been writing a journal and will just try to find time to copy my entries! I have to say at this very moment, I am writing from the Internet cafe at a palace hotel in the city of Jaipur, India. This whole trip has been surreal. Our travel group (through Intrepid) has been wonderful - and so far (at least after the first tearful days away from the girls) the days are flying by!

October 18, 2008 (flying to Dehli)

On the plane, first class seats (thanks to upgrades from hubby) - beautiful for a 15 hour flight.

Flew over Arabia and a very large desert. Right now we are flying over Afghanistan will soon fly directly over Kabul. Weird to think we are flying directly over an area we hear so much about in the news. Glad we are at 34,000 feet. Flying over the desert was impressive - it stretched out for miles - you could see the undulating waves of paper-bag brown.

Getting cloudy now as the sun is setting behind us, but can see a little of an oasis belt of delta somewhere below by Pakistan. Two more hours until we land. Sipping juice from a wine glass just handed to me by our steward.

Very eager to see Dehli - bet it will be too dark!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

India or Bust, Part 2

8 days and counting...

Okay, Greg and I are taking our typhoid pills, will start our malaria pills shortly, have two sore arms from our shots and our eyes wide open after sitting down with 'Bob' last week. Bob is a travel RN who gave us the low-down on the "things to worry about while traveling to the remote regions of India". Needless to say after almost two hours, we've decided that we'll lose a lot of weight considering we won't be able to eat or drink on our entire trip.

With that being said, I guess I'd rather know the perils up front, rather than find out the hard way. A VERY eye-opening session.

In the next few days we'll need to coordinate schedules for family and the girls, get the dog groomed, find good light hiking shoes, figure out what to pack (we're back-packing), over-eat to compensate for the 'lack-of' on the trip, get the house winterized in the event of an early season snow storm and basically throw our common sense and caution to the wind. I do believe this will be an adventure of a lifetime!

Now... if we could just stop terrorists from ruining our get-away.