Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy

Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Project 1: Halloween Chandelier

Fulfilling my promise, I have completed my first craft project using only items I have in my studio. I actually think it turned out pretty cute. I was inspired by the Pottery Barn bat mobile (pictured above), then made it my own.

First, I had two embroidery hoops (very inexpensive at resale shops) that I covered in black tulle ribbons. I wound them tightly and secured them with hot glue.

Next, I created a bat template from two-sided fusible stabilizer and cut out six bat shapes.
After, I ironed the fusible stabilizer to black felt. Cut the bat from felt, then fused and cut another bat from black felt to make a very firm bat - one that will hold its wings out to the sides. Using clear fishing line, I strung the bats up onto the hoops at various heights for interest. (On some, I attached large pompoms to give them variety).
Using black yarn, I cut equal lengths and tied the two hoops together, then created another four lengths, tied together, to hang the chandelier from.
My final step was to finish of the insides of the hoops with a rim of black grosgrain ribbon for a clean look.When all is said and done, I love it! A little more understated than my inspiration piece, but it still looks cute and didn't cost me a dime.
My favorite thing about this project is that using the embroidery hoops is a great and easy way to make mobiles. They would be darling in a childs room to add a pop of color with felt shapes swinging around.

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