Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy

Flower Girl Dress by Whimsy Wendy
dropping petals... one by one.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Self Proclaimed Challenge

I consider myself a fairly neat person. I like clean, modern lines in our house, and if my husband let me, I'd have a very minimalist approach to decorating. There is one area, however, I just can't contain...my workroom. It has a life of its own and as I've been trying to tame the beast ever since we've moved here. It has dawned on me, just how much I have spent and then stashed in my studio.

The problem starts when I get near a craft store. I'm one of those junkies that would rather spend her last dime on colorful feathers than pretty, matching coffee cups. I've now moved near two craft stores and I am looking at a pile of new receipts.... I can't get over how much money I've invested in these bits and pieces of inspiration that are shamelessly peeking out of every drawer and shelf.

So, I have decided, that in honor of this economy and to help curb my appetite for purchasing all things crafty, I am going to put a halt on my frivolous spending. Inspired by the culinary movie "Julie and Julia", once a week I am going to create, from the materials I already have, one object d'art. I am going to use this opportunity to rid myself of this extraneous clutter, create somethings of beauty and simultaneously discover the next "ugly doll" or coveted child toy.

Keep tuned in... this will be an interesting experiment.

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