Pink and Gold Wee Wands

Pink and Gold Wee Wands
Wee Wands by Whimsy Wendy

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween at the Miller House

Lately our lives have been in a whirl-wind (whose isn't?) but one thing is always for certain... Halloween on our street is a sure thing. I wasn't going to let this year go by without a whopper of a party. We had two bonfires on the driveway, a bar in the garage and served the cold food outdoors under a tent. Heated food was indoors. I'm guessing we had a couple hundred people stop by and warm up by the fire!

Frankenstein Jell-Os! You can't see the cherry eyeballs, but they're there!

Gummy fish Jell-O's with whipped froth on top!

Donut hole eye-balls~ very ghoulish!

I wish the photo showed more of the candle light, lanterns and chicken 'fingers', but the kids seemed to like the table set up. Thank goodness there wasn't much for left-overs!

Daughter and friend in their home-made ninja costumes. This was my first attempt at pants and I think they turned out!

Trick or Treat!

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